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General Discussion

Anniversary Event

So I decided the event for the anniversary is going to be the grand opening of our restaurant/bar/cafe. but what i need from everyone is an idea for a name and a slogan. Please keep it serious though an inside joke for the slogan wouldn't hurt som...
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General Discussion


I have gotten a PC and I'm downloading the game right now! Hopefully I'll be on tomorrow!
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FFXIV news

Frankfurt Fanfest news

They showed the trailer Samurai Confirmed and it is a dps using the same stats and possibly leveling gear as MNK WERE GOING TO OTHARD!!!!!! we get to liberate both ala mihgo and Doma in Stormblood litt...
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General Discussion

Neo's Drunken adventures XD

So yeah apparently I say some stupid shit when im drunk XD so if you know of any quotes or any story about when i've been drunk in-game feel free to post away
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So the basic idea i have is to have a Leader Sub-leader then branch into other ranks based off of main role's so one for Tanks, Healers, DPS, Crafter, and Gatherer I may lump the last 2 into one cause those would generally not be a lot of peoples...
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We're gonna have a meetin to plan out the rebuild and have an open discussion about where we want to head and what its gonna take to get there. Go ahead and express any ideas you have and dont feel afraid to say anything even if its a knock toward...
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General Discussion

Weekly events

So im thinking about getting weekly events and stuff going. We could do event and stuff for prizes or just group outings just need some ideas. So feel free to post em
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FFXIV news

Keynote Info [Confirmed]

Ok here we go big info about 4.0 Expansion named Stormblood and will take place in Ala MhigoWHEN DOES IT RELEASE!?!?!?!? Early summer 2017 (so august :P jk)A 4th housing ward they did not say if it was Ishgard or not they also didnt say anything...
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FFXIV news

Las Vegas Live letter [possible spoilers]

I will be posting what i hear from the live letter so possible spoilers and i will put the official link here when it goes up
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So i found this on the FFXIV subreddit all credits go to Lucina Alastairi From the Brynhildr server it a google doc showing the optimal way of using scripture tomes to and get the weapon on time
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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FFXIV news

3.4 Patch Notes [Official]
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