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FFXIV news

Frankfurt Fanfest news

They showed the trailer Samurai Confirmed and it is a dps using the same stats and possibly leveling gear as MNK WERE GOING TO OTHARD!!!!!! we get to liberate both ala mihgo and Doma in Stormblood litt...
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FFXIV news

Keynote Info [Confirmed]

Ok here we go big info about 4.0 Expansion named Stormblood and will take place in Ala MhigoWHEN DOES IT RELEASE!?!?!?!? Early summer 2017 (so august :P jk)A 4th housing ward they did not say if it was Ishgard or not they also didnt say anything...
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FFXIV news

Las Vegas Live letter [possible spoilers]

I will be posting what i hear from the live letter so possible spoilers and i will put the official link here when it goes up
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FFXIV news

3.4 Patch Notes [Official]
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