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#12785772 Oct 16, 2016 at 08:28 AM
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Ok here we go big info about 4.0

Expansion named Stormblood and will take place in Ala Mhigo

WHEN DOES IT RELEASE!?!?!?!? Early summer 2017 (so august :P jk)

A 4th housing ward they did not say if it was Ishgard or not they also didnt say anything about new wards for the old ones so the time to start saving is now!!!

DROPPING PS3 SUPPORT which mean alot of improvements like a tweaked lighting system also they are increasing the min requirements for PC and strongly hinted at needing to get a 64-bit system and Dx11

New Area's, Dungeons, Raids, 24 Man content

REVAMPED BATTLE SYSTEM no exact info on it but its happening

NOT CONFIRMED Yoshi-p was wearing a Scarlet Witch shirt so if its anything like last time where he wore the Batman shirt RED MAGE CoNfIRmEd!?!?!?maybe?

INVENTORY EXPANSION!!!! no numbers given but its happening

I'll re-watch it again and add anything i missed or if you guys want to feel free to post it :) I CAN'T WAIT

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