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#12841446 Nov 09, 2016 at 02:05 AM · Edited 3 years ago
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We're gonna have a meetin to plan out the rebuild and have an open discussion about where we want to head and what its gonna take to get there. Go ahead and express any ideas you have and dont feel afraid to say anything even if its a knock towards someone. Were all adults (mostly :P) we can take some criticism. anyway the ones who are invited to the discord chat are:

  • Neo Bellan
  • Codi Vixi
  • Xeribol Arkwright
  • Flece Shadowsong
  • Bootsey Darlin

I will be posting completed ideas and maybe even a recording of it if everyone is okay with that. So even if you're not invited you can see what we came up with and comment on them, and if you want go ahead and add in some of your own.
#12848664 Nov 11, 2016 at 09:56 PM
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So as a first meeting not alot was talked about :P but we did talk about the hierarchy system a bit and we're going to go along with the idea i had posted on that topic we just need to come up with names. :P also we all seemed to agree that we need a bit more structure than we currently have (which is pretty much nothing) definitely more working as a group to do things like the rebuild but not just that also getting groups set up to run dungeons, ex primals, raids and the like and setting days to do it. So ima work on getting a root system set up to show the idea i have (you all get to see my amazing ms paint skills) and other than that we need to recruit more people and since i've seen some other groups do it recently feel free to shout, have a PF things goin, and send tells. Thanks to you guys who showed up and hopefully we can do this again soon im thinking about doin one every week or every other week just to see where things sit and the progress we've made gettin to the goal.
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