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Nova Cyanide

Neo Bellan / Nov 05, 2016
SO first off the fancy latin bit is a nod to a good friend. and the Actual important stuff start here and in no way will it all fit on the little preview bit so click in and get ready to read and the TL;DR is to get over it and read.

SO why say new(nova) cause were gonna rebuild, start from scratch, get this ship back on course anything you can use to say it were doing, anyway to the main point and the biggest factor in the relaunch has gotta be that we lack any form of structure as in group events and anything else for that matter. for example we do have a page on the forums for a static and enough people to get together to do raids and what not however nothing has been done by anyone to try and set dates and times we listed them but nothing has been done about it SO i suggest we assign days to certain things to do such as running EX/Raids/hard stuff on sat night when most people have the time for it anytime you want to run stuff like that on other days let people know what you wanna do then people can decide to join or not then use PF to fill the gaps. Getting stuff assigned a day may seem like oh well know i have to do it these days but if we dont have something like that then nobody could plan for it and it would all be on the fly which more often than not doesn't end up happening.

other thing include a reworking of the Ranking system of the FC so we'll actually have a system for it currently we dont really have anything than the basic leader, admin, member set up. we have a few joke ones which can stay but other than that theres no system of making people feel like they are progressing that is gonna change and its not gonna be based off of level or anything like that (though there may be a separate rank for people new to the game) it'll be based off of community interaction setting up groups and generally just help out and anyway you can, anyway thats gonna get reworked and a new hierarchy established im thinking of a tree system that you cant see in the list but making a chart and posting it on here.



Im not gonna post a general message for everyone to just send out though some guide lines are Let them know we are in the process of rebuilding, let them know how many active people we have (4 or 5), tell em that we have plans to establish events like running EX on sat night and other stuff TBA hell tell em about the Anniversary event and how i plan to make that a bi-weekly thing we do every Friday night. ALSO for those i told im taking back what i said bout shouting do it once every hour or so but check to see if someone did it in the past 5 minutes or so so not to seem spammy also try and keep it short try and make it fun and inviting try not to make a bland message also if you see someone in the wild not in an FC send em a tell the worst they can say to you is they F***ed your mom and honestly who hasn't....JK 😋 anyway i may make another post about this expanding on a bit but ima make a whole new forum page for that so keep an eye out for it and please comment on what you think and of any suggestions you may have. See ya in game! o/

edit: also only one alt per person with a second being allowed on a case by case basis (yes we are china now :P)


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